Quickbooks Enterprise for Non-Profits Support for RC Activities, Inc.

Latest News

July 16, 2021 - DOWNTIME - UPGRADE.  The QBE server will be down at 8pm EST on Friday July 16, 2021 until 7am EST Saturday July 17, 2021.  Please make sure to NOT login during this downtime, as we upgrade from version 18.0 to 21.0. 

Dec 2020 - 2020 Year-end Process - CLICK HERE

April 2020 - The RCA QBE locality and section files have been moved from the C:Drive to the I:Drive and the RD Webserver.  CLICK HERE for instructions on locating your Quickbooks RCA company file. 

Jan 2020 - The RC Activities, Inc. Accounting Standards Policy is now available online!  Please take the time to read/review it this month. 

                 - Please DO NOT backup your QBE file when prompted on the server.  Backups are automatically completed, and individual backups are causing storage issues 

Feb 2020 - The QBE Server is down for maintenance each morning from 4am EST to 4:30am EST.  This should help create a more stable environment each day.  Please make sure you are not logged in during this time, or you will lose your work.

If you have questions, please email us.


Email and Phone Support

Phone support is offered for urgent problems, such as being unable to log into Quickbooks, software issues, or pressing deadline reporting issues.  Call (855) 556-6872 M-F 9am-5pm EST. 
For general questions or "how to", please EMAIL us, ask the question on the RCA Quickbooks WhatsApp support group, or on the next monthly support webinar.


RCA Accounting Standards

The RC Activities, Inc. Accounting Standards Policy is now available online.  Updated version Feb 2020.

CLICK HERE to view!


QBE Tip of the Month

Click the blue links below to open and download the QuickBooks Enterprise Tip of the Month!

Mar 2019 - Create QBE emails
Apr 2019 - Batch import banking
May 2019 - Memorized transactions
Jun 2019 - 1099 vendors
Aug 2019 - Creating a budget
Sept 2019 - Acceptiva payments
Oct 2019 - Make required custom fields
Nov 2019 - Show lowest subaccount
Jun 2020 - Keyboard Shortcuts
Jul 2020 - Multiple windows

WhatsApp - RCA Quickbooks Support Group

Want to see tips, best practices, and answers to questions that you and your peers may have?  This WhatsApp group is easy to join.  First, download the WhatsApp on Android or Iphone.  Next, EMAIL us your WhatsApp user name, and we will send you an invitation!