Admin Support for Sections and Localities

Regnum Christi Administrative Support

Welcome!  This page is dedicated to help support administratively your local Regnum Christi Section or Locality.  There are certain topics and items that only apply to the corporation RC Activities, Inc., but others (such as annual budget required templates) that apply to all sections and localities, regardless if they operate under their own independant 501(c)3 or RC Activities, Inc.  For questions, please EMAIL customer support.  

RC Locality Admin Support

The RC locality annual plan and budget instructions/templates are now available! Please CLICK HERE to access the RC Locality Admin support page.

Acceptiva Setup and Support

Acceptiva setup and support instructions can be downloaded HERE.

Section and Locality Volunteers

The greatest asset to an RC Activities section or locality are the men and women who dedicate their time and resources to assist in activities and formation. 

The Volunteer Certification process found HERE is required for all section and locality volunteers that work with youth programs or are in section or locality leadership roles. These policies strive to ensure the highest quality and reliability of personnel by means of responsible leadership, thus reducing the liability to RC Activities, the corporation they represent. 

You can download THIS PRESENTATION and send to perspective volunteers to help guide them with the RC Activities volunteer certification process.

QuickBooks Enterprise for RC Activities, Inc.

Localities and Sections using RC Activities, Inc. are required to use QuickBooks Enterprise for Non-Profits via our RD web server. CLICK HERE to access the QuickBooks support page.

RC Activities, Inc. Bank Account Support

RC Activities, Inc. bank accounts will be issued to RC Activities sections upon approval by the RC Local Director or College.  CLICK HERE for specific policies and procedures relating to establishing a bank account or reqeusting changes to an existing RC Activities, Inc. bank account.

Organizing Local Events

If you are organizing a local event for youth, adults or families, we are here to help support your administrative requirements.  CLICK HERE to register your local events on the RC Activities national event management website.

You can download INSTRUCTIONS to help guide you on the event management website.