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Thank you for your generosity in choosing to serve and give of your time and talent in Regnum Christi leadership, sponsored events and programs. In order to begin serving in your leadership role or to attend an overnight activity with youth, you will to need to acquire a Volunteer Certificate by completing the certification steps outlined below.  Volunteer certificates are valid for 3 years and must be presented to your local event coordinator or director before the event begins. Even if you have a valid certificate from your local diocese, RC Activities requires that you complete this process which is mandated by our insurance carrier. The certification process typically takes 1-2 weeks for processing, so please ensure that you register early prior to your participation in the event. 

COST: You will need to register and apply through our external vendor "Sterling Volunteers".  Approximate processing fees are listed below:

  • Volunteer Certification with Background Check - base price is $21.75 + State and local fee (fees vary and are subject to change by State and County - typically an additional $5-$10. ME is $26 and NY is $65)  


Download and read the following documents:

NOTE:  It is mandatory that all volunteers read the following documents prior to volunteering at an event or program.

1.  Safe Environment Policy

2.  Code of Conduct

3.  Company Background Check Policy, Volunteer Agreement, FCRA

Complete the steps below:

  • Complete the web forms below and click on the SUBMIT button (You must be logged in to complete this form)
  • You will be redirected to a webpage with a link to complete your background check through Sterling Volunteers
  • All volunteer processing fees must be paid online to Sterling Volunteers
  • You will receive an email notification once your RC Activities Volunteer Certificate has been issued
  • All Volunteers are required to complete Safe Environment Training in their local diocese
  • Click HERE to download Volunteer Process instructions which may assist you with the process

For more information please contact:

Todd Brechbill - RC Federation Safe Environment Coordinator
 Email [email protected] or call (855) 556-6872 Ext. 1