Year-end Process for RCA Quickbooks

1.) 1099’s - Per US law and IRS requirements, each year we must file the 1099s and 1096 forms with the IRS as a complete corporation for RC Activities, Inc.  Actual 1099’s must be sent to each individual or vendor by January 25th, and the 1096 sent to the IRS. In order for us to do so, we need your help and information.

  • You must collect a W9 for all individuals, vendors or contractors that you have paid $600 or more over the calendar year in 2021.  (individual stipends to people, LLC’s, independent contractors, etc. – does not include any reimbursements – expense reports or stipends to CRC, PSS or LCPS)  (See attached W9)
  • Please send us the following by December 31st:
    • Names of all individuals and vendors, with total amounts paid in the fiscal year. (Jan-Dec)
    • Their W9 IRS completed and signed forms.
    • Your contact information, as we will need to work with you the first week of January.
  • Questions, please contact Amanda Obregon at [email protected]

2.)  Tax Acknowledgement Letters

  • Per IRS Requirements - Donations from any individual that total’s $250 or more in the fiscal year (Jan-Dec) must be acknowledged by a letter.  Please note, only a few major localities are responsible for processing their own tax acknowledgement letters, but the rest must all be completed centrally through RC Activities, Inc. national office.  Here are a few considerations:
    • Donations made online through the RC CRM, Acceptiva and other systems typically send an automatic thank you tax acknowledgement letter via email (or on receipt).  This fulfills the IRS requirement, so no further action is needed unless a consolidated statement is requested by the benefactor.
    • Tax acknowledgement letters for donations made via checks are completed and sent centrally.  The following needs to be sent to us no later than January 2nd:
      • Copies of each individual check (totaling $250 or more or multiple checks that reach $250 or more).  These can be sent to us as received throughout the year (preferred), or all together at the end of the year.
      • Email to: [email protected]
  • Questions, contact Anna Kulway at 855-556-6872.

3.) Year-end Charitable Contributions

  • To allow for delay in receiving year end gifts sent by mail, please plan to process gifts for no later than January 8th as long as they meet the criteria below:
  • Contributions made by Credit Card: Any donation made by credit card processed through Dec 31st will be counted toward the past fiscal year.
  • Contributions made by Check: to be counted for the past fiscal year, both the check date and the post mark must be no later than Dec 31st. Checks given in person should also be dated and received no later than Dec 31st. All checks should be deposited by Jan 8th.
  • NOTE: All Checks received with the past fiscal year date, in December or any prior month, deposited AFTER January 8th should count as the current year revenue. If you deposit after January 8th please use the current year date when entering in QBE.