Annual Plan and Budget

Submission Deadlines

Locality Plans

  • The development of the locality’s annual plan is coordinated by the RC local director. A possible format is provided as a tool.
  • The plan sets out the top priorities and concrete objectives for the locality for the coming year, and serves as a guide for the development of the specific section and local apostolate annual programs and calendars.
  • To the degree appropriate, the locality plan should be aligned with the territorial strategy and priorities. The new 2021 – 2024 strategy will be developed later in 2020, thus localities are encouraged to consider the 2015-2020 priorities in their planning.
  • In evaluating the plans, the territorial directive college looks to confirm: 1) appropriate representation of RC involved in the development of the plan; 2) alignment with the territorial and locality strategy; and 3) alignment with the assignment of Legionary and consecrated personnel.

Annual Budget

  • The annual budget for the locality is prepared by the locality and submitted at the end of September to the territorial directive college for its approval. The territorial budget cycle is January through December.
  • The budget presents a consolidated picture of the locality’s financial plan, rolling up section budgets, locality operations, and the financial contributions to communities, apostolates and the territory. The territory provides a sample template for submitting the locality budget.
  • The detailed budgets for the Legionary or consecrated communities in the locality are developed simultaneously and submitted in a parallel process through their respective branches. Communication between the locality and the communities is important to ensure clear expectations around fundraising and financial support.
  • In evaluating the budgets, the territorial directive college is looking to confirm: 1) alignment between the locality plan and the budget; 2) evidence of fiscal responsibility within the locality; and 3) evidence of commitment to financially support the mission in the territory.
  • The 2021 Annual Section and Locality Budget Templates are available at the bottom of this page under TEMPLATES.

          Locality Budget Support Video

          Section Budget Support Video 

LC/CRC Personnel Proposal

  • The RC local director works with the Legionary community superior and the consecrated community director to submit the locality’s LC/CRC Personnel Proposal. This submission includes a review of current LC/CRC assignments within the locality and an assessment of the need for possible changes to assignments. This information is used by the Legionaries and consecrated women as input into their respective processes for reviewing assignments.
  • Legionary or consecrated personnel who are nearing the end of their three-year assignment are asked to complete and submit a self-evaluation.
  • Each branch will notify the RC local directors of any assignment changes as soon as it is prudent, typically in the late spring timeframe.

Semester Reports

  • A semester report is prepared by the locality twice a year and submitted to the territorial directive college for review.
  • The director of RCD Support provides a template for the semester report which includes two sections: 1) updated census data, 2) locality highlights over the past six months.
  • The purpose of this report is to keep the territorial directive college and members of the Mission Support Team updated on the situation in each locality. The college seeks to stay abreast of how the mission is moving forward across the territory, what is working (best practices which can then be shared) and what is not working (areas which may require attention or support).