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Mission Corps Program 


What is ECYD Mission Corps? 

ECYD Mission Corps is an ECYD program.  ECYD is Regnum Christi’s charism lived by young people and is a Catholic international association of adolescents who make a pledge of friendship with Christ and among themselves in order to build a new world according to the Gospel.  ECYD Mission Corps is an international Catholic missionary exchange program, where a high school student can volunteer their time during the summer for a period of 4 to 8 weeks, exclusively for the Church.  It is an opportunity to serve people through active apostolate, and to help other young people find the meaning of their lives in Christ. 

Goal of the ECYD Mission Corps Program:

  • To offer some members of the final stages of ECYD an experience of formation and apostolate according to their age, which will help them to grow in their love for Christ and in their desire to bring others to him and to proclaim the Gospel (Document on the Identity and Mission of ECYD Missionaries)   ECYD Mission Corps includes not only the weeks of the missionary summer but also all of the preparation and training beforehand and the follow-up of the alumni and apostolic engagement afterwards.
  • ECYD Mission Corps is primarily apostolic.

Profile of an ECYD Missionary: 

A high school teen who strives to be a:

  • A servant leader
  • A convinced apostle
  • A friend of Jesus Christ who wants to know and love him more
  • An enthusiastic and joyful missionary fulfilling their mission within the Church
  • A  courageous witness who wants to make a difference with their actions, testimony and aware that their lives can make a positive impact on others
  • A member of ECYD, sharing their faith and values with other young people
  • Respectful, noble, sincere, loving and zealous Catholic

What Does an ECYD Missionary Do During their Missionary Summer?

  •  Lives with ECYD members just like themselves from around the world, sharing their faith and learning from the others’ experience and cultural differences.  The program directors are consecrated women of Regnum Christi for the girls or Legionaries of Christ for the boys.
  •  Plans, creates and leads dynamic projects, activities, camps, and missions.  Many Missionaries help lead Challenge and Conquest camps across the country. 
  •  Gets to know themselves better and develops life and leadership skills.
  •  Grows in their friendship with Christ through many opportunities of spiritual growth and formation such as daily guided prayer and Mass.
  •  Has tons of fun!



ECYD Mission Corps
Application 2019



  • A high school teen (needs to have finished at least freshman year before giving a summer)
  • An ECYD member participating in ECYD life for at least one year prior to giving a summer
  • A convinced, educated, and practicing Catholic
  • Be physically and psychologically healthy
  • Living a sound moral life
  • Must complete the application process to be officially accepted into the program. 
  • Be available to be sent to any of our mission sites (we work with dates you are available, but in order to do the program your dates need to coincide with the dates of the programs offered.  Each missionary must arrive on the arrival date and depart on the departure date and stay for the whole duration of the program.  ECYD Mission Corps is an international program, and therefore an applicant could go abroad, or stay here in the USA.  To foster a more fruitful and enriching experience, it is required that they be sufficiently fluent in the language of the country they want to serve in. Each missionary and their parents send recommendations as to where they will be sent. 
  • Attend a Future ECYD Missionary Training Weekend or any other local requirements.  Check with the local ECYD Director.

Current Training Weekends Available:

Atlanta, Georgia Feb. 23~24, 2019

Natalia Santos

[email protected]

Cincinnati, Ohio Mar. 1~3, 2019

Maria Knuth

[email protected]

Washington DC Apr. 18~20, 2019

Amelia Hoover

[email protected]



Dallas, Texas Jan. 25-27, 2019

Fr Michael Picard, LC

[email protected]




 Apply online at

  • Fill out online application:  – Applicant will receive a confirmation email to continue to complete the registration – this requires they know the name and email of the Consecrated Woman, Legionary of Christ or lay person as their spiritual mentor – the  page will also ask the applicant to list their top three site options for their mission assignment.  Please consider date availability when reviewing the program site options.
  •  Parent info registration and confirmation. Before the applicant can continue the parents need to approve by email that their son or daughter continues. This is all done through the website’s automated emails.  The application fee must be paid to continue the process.
  • After the application has been reviewed, and if the applicant is accepted to the program, they will receive an email letting them know that they’ve been accepted. 
  • The local ECYD Directors will communicate the mission assignments to the ECYD missionaries in March/April.  Then the applicant will receive an email with the information regarding the site, and then can directly contact the Site Director.
  • The Applicant will receive an official acceptance letter with their missionary assignment in the mail along with a welcome packet to ECYD Mission Corps  This will be mailed to the applicants mailing address and will contain the information about where they will spend their missionary summer, the contact information for the Local ECYD Mission Corps Director, arrival and departure dates etc. They will receive their acceptance / assignment letter around mid April. 


  1. Summer Missionary program fee varies according to the site and the duration of the program there.  It ranges anywhere from $1,000 to $1,700. (This fee does not include airfare to and from the location or personal spending money).  Upon receiving the missionary assignment letter, a $250 non-refundable down payment must be made by April 30th for those giving their missionary summer in the US to secure their spot.  This fee is sent or wired to the location where the applicant will spend their summer.   If the down payment is not received, the applicant’s spot will not be reserved and will be given to another applicant.  Complete payment is due in full upon the arrival date or the date indicated by the local program director.
  2. $75 Non-Refundable Application Fee - Paid online
  3. Any training costs

Sites in the North American Territory for Summer 2019

Site Dates ECYD Mission Corps Local Directors
Atlanta, Georgia June 3~July 5, 2019

Natalia Santos

[email protected]

Cincinnati, Ohio May 31~July 17, 2019

Maria Knuth

[email protected]

Houston, Texas June 5~July 11, 2019

Fabiola Zellek

[email protected]

Manila, Philippines TBC

Claire Umali

[email protected]

Washington DC June 10 – July 11, 2019

Amelia Hoover

[email protected]



Site Dates ECYD Mission Corps Local Directors
Atlanta, Georgia May 31~June 20, 2019

Fr Patrick O'Loughlin

[email protected]

Dallas, Texas June 4~22, 2019

Fr. Michael Picard, LC

[email protected]

New Orleans, Louisiana TBC

Fr. Gregory Usselmann, LC

[email protected]

Washington DC TBC

Fr. Andrew Gronotte, LC

[email protected]


More Information

For questions or concerns, contact Maria Knuth at [email protected]

Apply today at and click on the ECYD Mission Corps tab!